House in the Country

Day 57: Lancaster, PA to Pipersville, PA- 72.29 miles, Total 3492.6 miles

With yesterday’s unforeseen rain delay, we decided on an early start. Somehow, we rose to our 6am alarm. Partially excited for Amish country in the sun (versus the deluge) and partially excited to get to Chris Shaw’s house (which he graciously offered up). Our motivation was evident and we departed the hotel as the sun was still rising.

Though, the reality of the end of the trip made our morning a quiet one. It’s hard to describe the plethora of feelings going into our second to last day. It felt nothing short of absolutely bananas. The Amish surroundings on our way out of town also added to mixed feelings. Their lives seem so interesting- simple and also so principled. To adhere to such a life when nearly everything around you screams the opposite is bold and commendable (at least in my eyes).

We made great time cruising through Amish country. With a great tailwind and lovely scenery, we traveled almost 50 miles by noon. Our progress slowed somewhat post-Amish roads. Things became a bit congested and the shoulders on the roads shrank. Regardless, we still enjoyed the lovely fall day we found ourselves with.

As we headed northeast, the wind gusts picked up and, unfortunately, became more of a crosswind. The majority of our daily mileage was behind us, so we took it all in stride. We even scored a great lunch at a small cafe in Souderton. One wall displayed photos from Univest. I’m unsure of the year, but it seemed recent. We didn’t know anyone in the photos, but did spot an Independent Fabrications team rider.

From the cafe, we had 14 miles or so. Just enough time for Edie to make friends with a horse and miniature pony. At this point, we hit some serious backroads to get to Shaw’s. The country hills had just started to wear on us when we spotted the house number. We arrived in record time- 3:30!

I wasn’t sure what to think of our house for the night based on Chris’s description (he spoke of “all glass” and “one side built into a hill”), but Edie and I flipped out when we arrived. What a spectacular house! In for a treat, we fired up the hot tub and took the Jeep to get groceries. We planned to spend our last night with a home cooked meal and Edie was really excited to cook. I can’t blame her after our most recent hotel stint.

Now we’ll eat some dinner and get another early start tomorrow for our last day of the trip (if we actually leave this amazing house). I can’t believe I just had to type “last day of the trip.”

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  1. Edie and Brett: Can’t believe it’s the last day. Have enjoyed following your amazing adventures — in such great style — and viewing all the beautiful photos. (As a native of Illinois, the Vandalia pics really took me back.) Can appreciate what mixed feelings the end of the trip must bring, but on the other hand, it must be great to be arriving home to your families and friends, and to look forward to the next phase of your journey together.

  2. (Aussie) Steve

     /  October 20, 2010

    I hope you made it home OK. I’m looking forward to the final day of my vicarious vacation! And could the next cycle Odyssey be in Oz? ;-) Don’t try riding across it though – there’s nothing in the middle!

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