The Devil’s in the Hills

Day 54: Bedford, PA to Chambersburg, PA- 63.74 miles, Total 3337.2 miles

I’m not going to write about our breakfast, a late start or revisiting certain routes today.

Though, I will write about the torture chamber that is Pennsylvania. Up and down and up and down and… Edie and I cursed the state for most of our ride. Edie did pause periodically when her prettiness proclivity took over, but she’d revert back and join me in anger.

Locals in McConnellsville were both informative on the terrain and thoroughly amused by what I’m sure they perceived as our stupidity. I hope, deep down, they admired our tenacity and found our adventure impressive. They did admit that some people (I’m guessing themselves on various occasions) call Pennsylvania, “hell.”

One may find it hard to believe (we did), but we gained more elevation today than yesterday. In total, we climbed 5,022 ft. Two main climbs (2,195 ft and 2,123 ft) comprised the majority of our efforts. AND, they both came with the reward of a sign. The iPad went a bit haywire with our last batch of photos, so we lost the previous summit signage. Two today makes up for it, I suppose.

After another intense day in the saddle, we wouldn’t make our hoped destination of Gettysburg. We’d settle on Chambersburg and cut our losses. On the up side, Edie and I found a Panera bread. We haven’t had it once yet on the trip and it trumps any other chain. Somewhat out of our way, we made a loop around the city to indulge. Our nightly shower, food and TV ritual ensued and we both went to bed.

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  1. You don’t remember staying in Chambersburg with dogs and the ducks down on the little pond? One trip to WVA. Dogs were Ninny and Tundran.

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