28 Pounds

Day 49: Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH- 64.12 miles, Total 3036.1 miles

Edie and I realized that the chances of us camping again for the remainder of the trip are slim. We haven’t camped in some time and the nights aren’t getting any warmer. Why, then, would we continue to carry around our camping equipment? We’ve been asking ourselves that since Indiana (at least we camped once in Missouri). Well, this morning, post Hampton Inn continental breakfast, the stars aligned and a UPS store appeared dead in our path. I looked at Edie and we both knew it was time to shed that extra weight.

28 pounds later and lighter we rolled away from the UPS store. Our goal was Cambridge, but due to another late start at the hotel and our shipping excursion, we found ourselves already at a loss for time. This morning Edie so aptly expressed that she was “tired to the bone”. A phrase that is becoming too commonplace on this trip to escape the blog any longer. I concurred and one snooze button led to another and so forth. With this in mind, we re-calibrated our goal to Zanesville.

Already in the hole, we stopped for lunch in Columbus proper with only 10 miles under our belt. The Thai peanut noodles proved to be a Thai peanut bomb in our stomachs. Added to yesterday’s cheese pizza lunch devastation we chastised ourselves for two poor lunch choices in a row.

We trudged on with full bellies and the most commercial sprawl we’ve encountered on our trip to date. After ten plus grueling miles of stripmall business wasteland, we stopped at Jolly Pirate for a donut. The surly donut keeper kept us so entertained that we didn’t even question the one and a half donuts each we had (yes, I realize my previous paragraph contains poor food choice content). The only thing that kept us going was the new found information that the sea of capitalism would subside in six stoplights.

We would then encounter “nothing”, which turned out to be a subsequent string of pumpkin patch farms with cute little barns and goodies for sale. Edie managed to photograph them all. Our now hilly terrain added some excitement (we didn’t miss the extra weight, that’s for certain) and a helpful tailwind even made the riding somewhat carefree. We also broke the 3,000 mile mark today!

We took a few nature breaks, but no snacks. We haven’t been consuming candy bars, soda or snacks at our gas station stops lately. Edie and I both remarked on the oddness of this, but can’t put a finger on why we don’t snack. The miles do go by quicker, though and we ended up in Zanesville via a ten mile bike lane.

We quickly located our hotel and decided on the Olive Garden. In hopes of bed by 9:30, we mapped it all out. Too bad our plan was foiled by some dude that heard us mention Pittsburgh. He picked up not a single hint of our disinterest and we ended up edging ourselves out of the restaurant. Now 10:30, I can finally go to bed.

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  1. Jwn

     /  October 8, 2010

    The kids are patiently waiting for your return. Adie will be sad but I know they will be happy to see you. Keep on rolling and God speed.

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